24 june 2021, 18:09

The film "Memory" was shown at the "Avangard" Center

The documentary film "Memory" was shown at the training and methodological center for military-patriotic education of young people. The premiere of the story of the Great Patriotic War took place on June 21, and on June 23 the film was watched by cadets from the Moscow region.

Author and producer Tatiana Borsch presented the film to the children:

"This is a film about memory and why it is necessary to remember the tragic events of history. About how people in different countries treat monuments and burials to Soviet soldiers differently and what is really behind the falsification of the history of the Second World War."

After the screening, Tatiana Borsch answered the audience's questions, telling them about the specifics of filming, collecting documentary sources, and communicating with veterans. And the cadets expressed the opinion that the work allowed them to learn more about the events of the 1941-1945 war.

"To watch this film in the year of commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the war, and even with a presentation from the author, is a great success, the work touches on topical issues for our generation," said cadet Sofia Kudryashova of the 10th platoon from Ramenskoye.