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Opening of the first shift

Date: September 19, 2020

On September 19, the first shift of the Avangard military training center will open on the territory of Patriot Park. The launch of such a large-scale project is a landmark event in the military-patriotic education of Russian youth. Its implementation became possible with the joint, fruitful work of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the city of Moscow and the Moscow region.

Opening program:

At 10.00 there will be a formation, a solemn raising of the flag of the Russian Federation, as well as welcome words from the center's management.

Then the students will go back to their classes.

At 20.30 there will be a small festive concert dedicated to the opening of the first shift.

Avangard is a full-fledged complex for finding 600 children on its territory at a time. The shift lasts 5 days. During this time, children master many areas: they learn to use radio communication, use VR to simulate combat conditions on computers, play sports, learn to defend themselves against chemical, radiological and other attacks, complete exciting quests, and study the history of Russia.

On the territory of the center there is a huge sports complex: on its territory, children will be able to develop sports skills both in game martial arts (basketball, football, volleyball) and in individual shock sports (wrestling, boxing, army hand-to-hand combat). In addition, an equipped fitness room occupies a separate floor of the sports complex.

How to get there: after passing the barrier at the entrance to Patriot Park, you need to move forward about 800 meters. On the right hand side there is a building with the inscription "Patriot Expo". Go to the T-shaped intersection, drive straight to Proton-M . We turn left and move in a circle near the Proton-M . Then we go straight, without turning off, on the left hand there is a "Partisan Village", and after it on the right side there will be an Educational and methodical center "Avangard".